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The first causative and reliable therapy for chronic tube dysfunctions. Minimally invasive – A rounded catheter tip and the special catheter surface (shaft & balloon) allow atraumatic advance of the catheter. Safe –  Controlled dilatation to 3.28 mm Ø prevents overexpansion of the tube. Comfortable, fast and easy handling for the surgeon. Localise the tubal ostium - Insert the TubaVent® balloon catheter and advance without resistance - Inflate the balloon and maintain pressure for two minutes - Remove the deflated catheter.

operation equipment and surgery products

Spiggle & Theis Medizintechnik GmbH H6-H23


The high speed MELAG autoclaves Vacuklav 40 series are designed for quickest sterilization cycles including fractionated vacuum. The maximum load is unique by 9 kg per cycle. Drying results are also outstanding. disinfection control and sterilization equipment MELAG Medizintechnik oHG H6-H22


Detergent, liquid concentrate, free of boric acid and borates, free of perfumes and colourants. Excellent cleaning performance due to multi-enzymatic formula. Active residue-free cleaning, prevents redeposition of protein residues. Removes biofilms. Excellent material compatibility, pH-neutral.

disinfection control and sterilization equipment Chemische Fabrik Dr. Weigert GmbH & Co. KG H6-E18


CS-1200 Auto-Chemistry Analyzer is an modularized analyzer with a discrete system,emergency priority and externalized computer. it features as an excellent throughput 800T/H which will fit needs of large or medium size labs. The analyzer can automatically finish sample adding, reagent adding, anti-interference, mixing, pre-heat,reaction monitoring, rinsing, calculation, display and print of results.  IVD DIRUI INDUSTTIAL CO.LTD H2-B18


FUS Series Urinalysis Hybrid(Model: FUS-2000) is an in vitro diagnostic instrument developed and manufactured by Dirui Industrial Co., Ltd., which enables routine analysis as well as urine formed element analysis and counting through one sampling. The dry chemistry part of the FUS-2000 Urinalysis Hybrid’s test principle is photoelectric colorimetry. With the measuring and testing technique of four wavelength cold light source characterized by high brightness, the instrument can offer fourteen test items including CRE and Ca. IVD DIRUI INDUSTTIAL CO.LTD H2-B18


Coolpack, insulated textile with gel insert, to keep Insulin chilled for hours. With two interior pockets for insulin pens or refills. Gel pack may be removed and cooled in refrigerator or freezer. Coolpack textile is washable. rehabilitation equipment and home-use medical devices Biomark GmbH H6-H24


NU-TEK Physiotherapy work station (three-in-one) is a comprehensive rehabilitation equipment. Combined with electrotherapy, ultrasound therapy, vacuum pumping therapy, the equipment could be widely used in pain relief,          rehabilitation and health care for clinics, community health centers   and hospitals. 

rehabilitation equipment and home-use medical devices Shenzhen Dongdixin Technology Co., Ltd. H2-D11


Flipback slope armrest matching swing in &away footrest, let you use more convenient, the attendant drum brake can make you relaxed in the face of different road conditions, the height of whole frame can be adapted to different people, that’s will bring you more comfortable experience. rehabilitation equipment and home-use medical devices JiangSu INTCO Medical Products Co.,Ltd. H1-A31


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