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CMEF's new exhibits preview! (08-31)

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As the very important platform for trading of medical devices in Asia Pacific region CMEF always attracts exhibitors to launch new products at the event. Below are some of the new products to be displayed at CMEF Autumn 2016!

Product Introduction Category Company Booth Number


Kineo, the first intelligent robotic machine, allows you reproduce all the rehabilitation and training methods currently available: ISOTONIC, ECCENTRIC, ELASTIC, ISOMETRIC, ISOKINETIC, VISCOUS, VARIABLE WEIGHT LOAD. Through Kineo is possible to assess the users’physical fitness or determine the extent of their physiotherapeutic condition. Kineo is the first workout station to offer comprehensive eccentric strength assessments in complete safety.

rehabilitation equipment and home-use medical devices GLOBUS H6-L10


      The company's flagship product, children's nebulizer, is specially designed and born for children. It is developed and produced in strict accordance to international standards. Besides, the company has successively cooperated with many domestic famous universities in Shanghai, Nanjing and other places in many aspects. It excels at design, guards a strict pass to quality, and produces safer products, which feature more operation convenience, extremely low fault rate and long service life! They can produce extraordinarily good curative effects in the respiratory diseases caused by "common cold, fever, cough, asthma, bronchitis, bronchus, etc." rehabilitation equipment and home-use medical devices Jiangsu Pedo-care Medical Equipment Co.,Ltd H9-K38


CLART® is a low density microarray-based platform for clinical use that allows the detection of multiple targets in a single test. Genomica’s kits are based on the CLART technology and are designed for the detection of infectious diseases such as HPV, respiratory virus, STDs etc. as well as cancer mutation detection such as KRAS, NRAS & EGFR etc. Autoclart Plus is a GENOMICA automation system. It is designed for microplate processing and provides reagents addition, liquid handling, visualization, heating, cooling and microplate shaking. Its technical features make it suitable for almost all molecular diagnostics laboratories throughput:

IVD Genomica S.A.U H6-L08


       HEYER iTernIS ventilators offer intuitive and safe ventilation for the physician and the patient. From the beginning, simplicity and good performance have been the most recognizable features of our ventilators. Complete and versatile, our medical ventilators provide invasive and non-invasive ventilation for adult, pediatric and neonatal (including premature) in critical care. Inspired by the patient and designed for the physician, HEYER iTernIS Ventilator guarantee intuitive, effective and safe ventilation.

operation equipment and surgery products Heyer Medical AG H6–M15


Monopolar high temperature tungsten needle electrodes for precise cutting. Reusable and disposable versions in different styles and lengths available.

operation equipment and surgery products

Guenter Bissinger Medizintechnik GmbH H6-H15


A protective barrier for nasal mucosa against ALLERGENS AND AIR POLLUTION. Through Liposome technology, it forms a fluid barrier which prevents allergens, pollen, dust and particles to penetrate mucosa cells.

medical disposables Crab Sinergy Srl H6-L14


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